November 2021


Staying Cheerful

By Andrew De leon


Are you struggling getting into the Christmas spirit? Well you’re in luck, I’ve got a few ways that you and your loved ones can celebrate together, so without further-ado let's get started! Personally I enjoy being by myself when at home. If you feel the same then a fun way to celebrate the holiday season would be to decorate your bedroom! For example, I like to string lights in my room, and put table decorations like reindeer figures and stray ornaments on my dresser. (Make sure to be cautious with glass) Speaking of decorations, if you prefer spending time with your family more, then decorating the house together is a perfect bonding experience, over some fitting music this would be a wonderful time for all of you. And after that maybe some baking to conclude a perfect morning. Christmas cookies are always a must when it comes to the holidays, and they’re just so much better home made! And the perfect time to eat these cookies would be during a Christmas movie marathon. Just picture it, the house is all shiny with lights and decor, it smells just mesmerizing, you’ve got hot chocolate and your homemade cookies in hand, you’re warm and comfy, and you’ve got your favorite xmas movie playing. I hope I was able to get you guys pumped for the holidays! Merry Christmas!


Do you know Thanksgiving? 

By: Beya Lomeli and Zaeda King

Do you want to know the history of thanksgiving? A lot of people wondered how Thanksgiving became Thanksgiving. It all started when a ship named the Mayflower left Plymouth, England. They arrived and a Native American greeted them, several days later another Native American named Squanto taught the pilgrims how to extract sap from maple trees, catch fish in the river, and how to cultivate corn. We asked Miss Aliari, if her family gives speeches on Thanksgiving about what they are thankful for, she said, “ We say what we are thankful for and most of the time it's funny things, for example, we are thankful for the weather.” We also asked Jaedan Facio the same question and she said, “ We give speeches about life.” We asked Kaylee Sanders if she knew when Thanksgiving started, she said, “I think it started in 1621.” Let’s see if she’s right! Thanksgiving started in 1621 when the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Native Americans had a fall feast known as Thanksgiving, the festival lasted for 3 days. Over two centuries Thanksgiving was celebrated by colonies and states. If you want to know more about the history of Thanksgiving go to


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State Mandate

Written by: Gwen U.


 In New York There is covid vaccine mandate and you are required to have the vaccine to eat inside or to go into any attractions. You must show your proof of getting the vaccine to be allowed to eat inside, go into an indoor attraction and, to see many more things. Over 1,897 FDNY & PDNY members left due to the vaccine mandate. Me and my family have recently taken a trip to New york and all this has been happening. I've asked some questions on what people think about this. Caitlin Brett says “ I think it takes away the freedom of us and that I do not respect it. But I do have the vaccine.”I also asked " Did you know that over 2,000 nypd and nyfd members left due to the vaccine mandate? ”Santiago arenas “No, I did not.”A lot of people have different opinions on this specific subject. The state of california had started to mandate the vaccine and there was a protest.  In my opinion I do not respect it and dont think it is very fair.


Are You Decked Out For Christmas?

By: Sierra Taylor


Are you decked out for Christmas yet? If not, here are some ideas so you can expand your christmas holiday. If you don’t have a Christmas tree now, I would encourage you to get one now. Some places you can go to buy a real christmas tree are Valley View Christmas Trees. You can buy fake christmas trees on or at Amazon or Hobby Lobby. People love to put lights and ornaments along with handmade ornaments and popcorn strings on their Christmas trees. Dariana Doran says she does not decorate her house for Christmas.“No, Because we celebrate it at my Grandpa’s house with the entire family. So we help decorate his house.”  Have you ever thought of decorating your room? Here are some ideas you can use to decorate your room: A small christmas tree, A little stocking, A snowglobe, lights, and garlands. Most communities will hold a reward for decorating the best house. If the community thinks your house is the best decorated out of all the houses, they will put a piece of cardboard on a stick in the front of the house saying you were first place winner. People will decorate the front of their houses by putting up lights, hanging wreaths, putting up signs, put out blow up inflatables, images, light up items, and trees. Are you ready to be decked out?

Want Ideas? You can get creative and make your own decorations!

The History Of The World Series

By: Monty B. and Nathan M.


Baseball has gone a long way, originating from New Jersey in 1845. The first world series ever was in 1903 when the Boston Americans won against the Pittsburgh Pirates in a five games to three, best-of-nine-game series. The game's final score was 2-4 but the Boston Americans beat them so badly that they only played 8 games instead of 9. There have been over 114 world series games, the national league has won 48 while the American league has won 66 games. The most viewed world series game in history was Game 7 in 1986 when the New York Mets defeated The Boston Red Sox. The Views were in the millions coming in at over 60 Million! The highest scoring World Series game was in the year 1993 when the Toronto Blue Jays beat The Philadelphia Phillies 15-14. The longest World Series game was when the Dodgers beat the Red Sox in game 3, 3-2 when they played 18 innings. Innings are the time periods in baseball where the two teams get to bat and pitch. They also played for 7 hours, 20 minutes In 2018! Why is it called the World Series you ask? It is called the world series because from 1884 to 1890, the National League and the American League did a 1vs 1 against each other in a series of games at the end of the baseball season to determine the champion.



  1. What do you call a turkey the day after Thanksgiving? Lucky!

  2. What sound does a turkey's phone make? Wing wing wing!

  3. What was the turkey thankful for on Thanksgiving? Vegetarians.

  4. Why do turkeys gobble? Because they never learned table manners.

  5. What do you call a running turkey? Fast food.

  6. Why did the turkey play the drums in his band? Because he already had drumsticks!

  7. Why did the turkey cross the road? He wanted people to think he was a chicken.

  8. What did the turkey say to the computer? Google, google.

  9. Who is not hungry at Thanksgiving? The turkey, because he’s already stuffed!

  10. If you call a large turkey a gobbler, what do you call a small one? A goblet.

  11. What did the turkey say to the turkey hunter on Thanksgiving Day? Quack, quack!

  12. Why shouldn't you sit next to a turkey at dinner? Because he will gobble it up!

  13. What type of glass does a turkey drink from? A goblet.


History of Hanukkah

By: Colleen Pruitt & Jaden Gonzalez


Hanukkah is one of the most beloved Jewish holidays. What is Hanukkah? you may ask, it is known as a Festival of Lights or like a Feast of Dedication, the holiday that celebrates the devotion to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem following the revolt against the Syrian-Greek army. Hanukkah happens for eight nights and days. Commemorating the dedication of the Holy Temple, It commemorates the devotion of the Second Temple in Jerusalem after the 167-160 BCE rebel against the Seleucid Empire. It is like Christmas, Jews and Christians celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas with lights, family, presents, and food.  Like what Riley Beheny said, “Eat a large dinner with my family, and we do Christmas stuff like opening presents”. But the two holidays are not the same, To wish someone a Happy Hanukkah, say “Hanukkah Sameach!” Happy Hanukkah or simply “Chag Sameach!” Happy Holiday.


The Beginning of Music

Written  By Tysean and Reimarq 


People don't think about music that much, but can be used for many things.  Gregory Mendoza said'' Music is very interesting to listen to”. And Santiago Castellanos said, “That he can relate to the lyrics and move forward.” Also some of the top music is Levitating by Dua Lipa and another one is Overpass Graffiti by Ed Sheeran. But  some people admire music and they also like the mix of instruments all at once. Also the very first person to make music is Greek philosopher Pythagora. Then the first instrument was 37,000 years ago and it was a flute and it looked deformed there were some holes on a stick. Next there are six categories of instruments but there are 1,500 instruments in the world  and the main thing is wood and string. Did you know that music can boost your music and that it can raise someone else's mood and can lower depression. The three things music can do is ceremonial, recreational, or artistic expression. 

 Are You A Fast Food Aholic? 

By: Katelyn Tomanelli And Larissa Hellein 


 Why is fast food so bad for you? Why do people like fast food so much? Fast food isn't the best choice when trying to be healthy. Fast food is not the healthiest choice because of the high sodium and saturated fat in the food.Fast food is often made of cheaper products such  as high fat meat and sugar and fats. Eating too much over a long period of time can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, and unwanted weight gain. Here are the most unhealthy fast food places Taco Bell goes into first and Carl's Jr goes into last. The good things are that they make it very quick so you don't have to wait a long time (except the line) and they're very easy to go to since they're  all over the place. The healthiest fast food place is chipotle because it’s high in fiber, protein and antioxidants. It is high in sugar, salt, and saturated or trans fats, as well as many processed preservatives and ingredients. Some questions that we asked were “Do you like fast food and why? “Not really, I would rather have food from my house -Daniel Perez”. We also asked Mrs Waters “what is your least favorite fast food place? Mrs Waters said taco bell because it makes her stomach hurt”.


Have You Heard a Computer Sing?

By: Elena Gebhard


    There is a singing synthesizer software called “Vocaloid” that   you can purchase or download. To use vocaloid, you type in the lyrics and melody and the voice software you have will “sing.” The software can change the stress of the pronunciations, add effects such as vibrato, or change the dynamics and tone of the voice. Vocaloids cost money to acquire and are quite expensive. UTAU is a mostly free alternative to vocaloid and is heavily supported. Some well known vocaloids are Hatsune Miku, Rin and Len Kagamine, Megpoid Gumi, Luka Megurine, V-Flower, Kaito, and Meiko. Vocaloids are given appearances as well, for example, Hatsune Miku is portrayed as a sixteen year old girl with long blue pigtails. 

Some popular vocaloid developers/companies are Crypton Future Media and Yamaha Corporation. Vocaloid was not intended to be a full commercial project when Kenmochi Hideki processed it in 2000, but was developed into “Vocaloid” by Yamaha Corporation in 2004. The first vocaloids Leon, Lola, and Miriam by Zero-G were originally only available in English. The other earlier vocals, Meiko and Kaito were by Yamaha in Japanese and were sold by Crypton. Vocaloid 3 has added support for Spanish for vocaloids Bruno, Clara, and Maika as well as Chinese for Luo Tianyi, Xin Hua, and Yanhe, and Korean for SeeU. I asked people if they have heard of vocaloid but only Riley Behney has. Their favorite vocaloids are Miku, Gumi and IA, and their favorite vocaloid songs are Ghost rule, Coin Locker Baby, and SIU.

History of Volleyball 

By: Elliana Lopez 


 Volleyball is a sport that is really fun and it can be sometimes tricky but it is fun. The part I like the most is when we do the move to hit the get the ball l over the net. Sometimes when you hit the ball so many times it can make your hand really red sometimes. It depends where you hit the ball with your hands. When I hit the ball I always hit it on top of my thumb. or sometimes I hit it on my arm. That was not fun, not good. That's what makes it really red. Do they like volleyball or do they know how to do the positions, or what do they like about them? Why do you like volleyball? Samantha rosado   said “I like it because it is fun to play” the volleyball was made in 1981 originally was meant to be played indoors. It was invented because Morgan wanted players to not run; the very first game was in an exhibition played in 1896  at massachusetts. The first world championship was held in 1949. Volleyball were first introduced as an olympic sport in 1964.