August 2021

The New Age of Technology

Written by: Colleen Pruitt & Andrew De Leon

Get excited!!! This Fall the new iPhone 13 is being released by Apple. The phone will have the same model design as the variants of the 12, we’re hoping for a faster chip (the A15). While Apple adds camera improvements and software updates, there will be 4 model variants (names unknown).  We asked a total of 18 people what type of phone they have and, 6  of the students didn’t own a phone, 7 students owned an Apple device, while 5 students had an Android device. Speaking of Android devices, drumroll pleaseee, the new “top of the line Android '' Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is now on sale for a whopping 8 hundo! While it may be expensive it’s also a very efficient productive device.  Stay techy!!


Northern California is Burning, Is Nevada Next?

 By: Santiago Arenas and Nathan Murawski


The Dixie fire started on July 14th at 12:00 am as a little blaze that would harm no one. Now it's a giant wildfire that has consumed over 725,821 acres. The Dixie fire has been 40% contained! It has been burning for 40 days. The Dixie fire has burned into 4 counties including Butte, Lassen, Tehama and Shasta. Only 3 firefighters have been injured but no civilians. This giant blaze is the biggest fire in California history. A former college instructor has been accused of setting a mini fire near the Dixie fire but we can not show his face due to privacy reasons. The forest service says that they are struggling to find firefighters and need them now. The forest service says that they need more firefighters because of all of the fires across California such as the Dixie fire, the Peak fire, and the Tamarack fire. PG&E electric company is being blamed for starting the fire. PG&E has a bad reputation for starting fires such as the Camp Fire in Paradise that burnt the entire city down. You can see the smoke of the Dixie fire from hundreds of miles away. “When I went to Carson city 4 weeks ago, there was smoke everywhere and from Lake Tahoe, I could see the Dixie fire,” said Santiago Arenas, a 7th grader. A random student said “My uncle is fighting the Dixie fire” The Dixie fire spreads over 700 square miles. The fire is the largest blaze in California history.‘The Dixie Fire continues to grow as firefighters brace for more heat. The  Dixie fire generated a fire whirl cloud at 40,000 feet! Can you believe that! We hope that the firefighters in Northern California can put out the blaze.

What Happened in the 2020 and 2021 year?!

 By: Beya Lomeli & Zaeda King


As you know there was a pandemic and everything closed down including school. Eventually we started online school. We had to do work online instead of doing paper worksheets. Most people didn't like online school. Especially because the connections weren't good and students had trouble talking to the teachers.Now that we are back in school, we have to wear masks indoors. We asked Caitlin Brett about what she thinks about masks, and she said, “I think that masks are good for this school because it keeps us safe, I also think that the set up of the school is a good set up.” We also asked Gwen Ugapo about what she thinks of online school, she said, “I like in person school better than online school because it's not a school environment and it's not healthy to stare at a computer for so long.” Last, we asked Leo Lomeli how school is going for him, he said, “It's going good but I think last year in hybrid was less overwhelming because there were less kids.” 

Thank you to the teachers for helping us get through last year also known as virtual learning. We hope everyone has a great year.     


The Mood with the Food 

Written by: Gwen Ugapo  


The school lunch program is a helpful need for the students that don't have time in the morning to make their own lunch. Some of us students may think the school lunches are a bit strange or some might even say gross, but we don't understand that the reason for this is because it is nutritious and healthy, it is also mandated by the state to have specific nutritional value. Also just a heads up the school lunches are to be bought ahead of time. Luana Patterson says “ It is a typical school lunch, but it is better than other school lunches I’ve had.” I too think it is a little more “classy” than other school lunches. Mr. McIntosh says “ I am very grateful for the school lunch program.” Which is a good thing. The lunches are very helpful.  The lunches aren't gross, there's a reason, we can't have white bread instead of wheat everything. The school is just thinking about the kids with allergies and the kids who are gluten free. So the lunches aren't gross, they are necessary.


By: Katelyn Tomanelli and Larissa Hellein

Jungle cruise is a great movie for people who like adventures and exotic animals.  We asked Hyden, have you seen Jungle Cruise and he said “Yes, it was a 9/10”. Then we asked Logan if you were a character in Jungle Cruise who would you be? “I would be Edgar Ramirez”. The movie came out on July, 30th 2021. The movie is 2 hrs and 7 mins long so if you like long movies this is the movie for you. It took 3 years to make Jungle Cruise because the producers wanted to make sure all of the Disney parks were open before the movie was released.  Some of the actors that played in the movie were Dwane Johnson, Emily Blunt, and Jack Whitehall. The makers of the movie's budget was 200 million USD. The movie is based on the ride at Disneyland that was made July 17, 1955 which is really fun. You could find the movie on Disney + and Movie Theaters. So if this sounds interesting go watch the movie.


The Birth Of The Huskies

By:Monty Blakeborough And Reimarq Marquez


Our school has been here for a long time. Some students' parents came here when they were kids but this school was not named Highland Academy. It was called Wellwood Elementary. Mr. Bishop felt the need for a different type of school. He wanted smaller class sizes so teachers could focus on each individual student more. He also wanted to give teachers the freedom to come up with their own assignments and not have to follow the district's textbooks and lessons.The campus itself is most likely older than anyone who comes to this school, and that's including the teachers! When our school came to life the people who constructed this building were making a kindergarten school.The reason our mascot is a husky is because Mr. Bishop likes huskies. When we interviewed Mr. Bishop and he said “our school has been here for 100 YEARS”, and that is just crazy. Next year our school celebrates its 10th year being open as Highland Academy. Logan Blakeborough said “I am glad that the school was built because my class is fun and I have a lot of friends. Tal Ugopo said  “I am glad that the school was built because I want to learn.” Thank you for reading our article.


Fortnite vs Call of Duty.

Written by James Walls and Gauge Leiman 


Call of Duty and Fortnite are popular games. In our opinion, we like these games. Mr.Mcintosh said he likes Call of Duty and Fortnite. He thinks fortnite is the best!


Fortnite:  Fortnite is a battle royal game, it is competitive. If you're really good at Fortnite you can compete in tournaments.  


You can win money and skins. If you want to compete you have to have “2FA”. This is where you have to put in your email and tons of other information, but it's worth it to be honest! 


Call of Duty:  Call of Duty is a first- person, and 3rd person fighting, video game. There are different game modes, like maps with different types of play. Rumors are that there will be a Call of Duty 5 soon.These millions of followers that are excited for new versions and new types of games play.


Our Style Nowadays

By: Jaden Gonzalez


Style trends nowadays are all different, there are emo, pink goth, softie, indie, aesthetic, sportie and all kinds. Some kids even wear school uniforms. When you're at school you can't wear crop tops, shorts that are super short, skirts, heels, dresses that are short so you have to wear pants or shorts under it. When you go out or to the store you see a lot of people with different styles.

    What people do with their styles is add accessories like necklaces, rings, bracelets, contacts, ear rings, nose rings, chains. Maybe they even do matching hair or dye their hair for the style like maybe they had a black style and they dyed their hair black to match. Also some people have matching shoes like maybe you're wearing something fancy and you wanted heels or you're wearing a skateboarder outfit and you wear vans or something. 

    Seasons of outfits like summer you probably see people wear shorts a lot and crop tops and shirts and not sweaters because it is hot. Winter people wear jackets, sweatpants and maybe pants and sweatshirts and beanies and gloves. Like you don't really see people wear shorts and no sweater because it's freezing and if you see someone wearing nothing warm you're probably like wow they are crazy how are they not cold. In fall you see pants, some beanies and some jackets because it's cold but hot at the same time. Spring is hot but not as hot as summer so people probably wear shorts and no jackets or sweatpants because it's hot but not that hot.

    Some students say that how you look doesn’t matter, it's just the creative outfits you make and how they are creative.. Some students say they wear whatever it does not matter what outfit they wear; they are just happy they have something to wear. Here are some quotes from model’s BrainyQuote: “Be a warrior when it comes to delivering on your ambitions and a saint when it comes  to treating people with respect, modeling generosity, and showing up with outright love.” 

The History of our Principal, Mr. Bishop 

    Written by: Sierra Taylor and Elliana Lopez 


    In 2013, our principal, Brent Bishop, started Highland Academy. He started this wonderful school so that he and the other staff members could create a great school to attend. They saw some ways that they could improve and gave it a shot. “We are very proud of how it has turned out,” says our principal. When he was 6 years old, he went on a camping trip in a RV with his family from California to New York. When he was in school, he loved PE and History the most. The schools that he attended were Riverside Community College, California Baptist University, University of Redlands, Peter Marshall Elementary, Allen J. Orrenmaa Elementary, Arizona Middle School, and La Sierra High school. Brent Bishop likes baseball the best, but he also appreciates football, basketball, volleyball and golf. His favorite brand of clothing is the Wrangler. This is what our principal thinks of this pandemic, “I think we need to try and be safe but I also think that the government has taken away too many freedoms from people.” His favorite joke is……..

What do you call a fake noodle? An im-pasta!


What Happened At The Tokyo Olympics?!

Written by: Caitlin Brett

Something cool I can tell you about the Olympics is that the five rings represent the five continents. Those continents are America combining North and South, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. To add on this year the USA  earned 113 medals, 39 of which are gold, 41 silver and 33 bronze. China came in second with 88 medals, 38 of which were gold, followed by the Russian Olympic Committee 71 total medals, Great Britain earned 65 and Japan earned 58 in total they earned 123 medals  . I went around and asked some students what they know about the Tokyo Olympics here's what they have to say.'' Landon said, “My favourite thing at the Olympics is kayaking at the olympics.” And finally the tokyo olympics this year were exciting and a lot of things changed at the olympics.


Would you Befriend a Mummy? 

By: Elena G.

“How to Keep a Mummy” is an adorable, 12 episode anime about Sora Kashiwagi and his mummy, Mii-kun. The story begins with Sora receiving a large package from his father containing a casket. Sora’s father travels the world in search of yokai and likes to send souvenirs to Sora. While his heart is in the right place, the gifts usually contain dangerous creatures. As Sora tries to find something to defend himself with, the casket opens and out from within emerges a small, marshmallowy creature. Sora hurries to find the letter his dad sent in hopes of finding some information on the creature. The letter was extremely vague, only stating that the creature was a mummy. The mummy can't talk and can only communicate through gestures. Sora names his new friend Mii-kun. As the story progresses the viewers are introduced to new characters and yokai. They have to be careful to keep their yokai a secret, or the yokai will be caught, killed, and sold. This anime was written by Kakeru Utsugi and was based on the thirteen volume manga series. If you like fun anime with likable characters and cute yokai, then I would definitely recommend this anime.  I talked to another Yearbook student named Larissa about this anime and she thought "it sounded interesting".


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