March 2021

National Women’s History Month

By: Mia Meza


    Women are amazing. They can do anything and are in everything. March is National Women’s History Month. In 1981 the first Joint Congressional Resolution started the week March 8, 1981, National Women’s History Week. Later in 1987l, Congress said the entire month of March should be National Women’s Month. This month I am going to be telling you about three important women including Amelia Earhart, Lucille Ball, and Marie Curie. 

   Amelia Mary Earhart was born in Atchison, Kansas on July 24, 1897. In World War I, Amelia served as a Red Cross nurses aid in Toronto, Canada. To occupy her time, Amelia watched pilots in the Royal Flying Corps train while in Toronto.. Amelia took her first plane ride in California, in December 1920, with a famous World War I pilot, Frank Hawks, and really loved the plane ride. Since then, Amelia flew countless miles in distances. Amelia Earhart is an inspiration to all females and paved the way for future female pilots. 


    Lucille Ball was born on August 6, 1911 in Jamestown, New York. At the age 12, Lucille knew that she loved performing for people. She took many acting classes and one day her mom sent Lucille to John Murray Anderson School for Dramatic Arts. Sadly, Lucille did not enjoy her time at the school and the teachers believed that she had no talent. Lucille would prove them all wrong by starring in I Love Lucy in 1951. Lucille Ball helped many female comedians by showing them that you can reach your dreams even if others disagree. 


    Maria Salomea Skłodowska was born on November 7, 1867 in Warsaw, Porland. At the age of 16, Marie won a gold medal for secondary education at the Russian lycee. Marie became the head of the Physics Laboratory the Sorbonne, she got her Doctor of Science degree in 1903, and became the Professional of General Physics in the Faculty of Sciences, the first women who had held this position. Marie was also made Director of the Curie Laboratory in the Radium Institute of the University of Paris, established in 1914. In 1910, Marie discovered the radioactive elements polonium and radium. Because of Marie’s work in 1910, many female scientists are inspired by Marie’s hard work and dedication. 


    Women’s history should not be celebrated one month a year. Women’s history should be celebrated every single day of the year. Because of the courageous efforts of Amelia Earhart Lucille Ball, and Marie Curie, women can now feel free to achieve their dreams.

Fun Facts About Bunnies/Rabbits

By: Amirah Jones  

You’ve probably seen bunnies around your neighborhood or even in your backyard. They tend to eat your plants and go to the restroom in your grass or, maybe your family member or friend has a bunny that likes to hop around in the room. Sophia, a 7th grader said “ My bunny loves to run around and hide”. Though what do you know about bunnies, if you don’t know much then this is the article for you.

  • To express happiness, bunnies will sometimes jump around and flick their heads and feet.

  • Like deer, a female rabbit is called a “doe” and a male rabbit is called a “buck.”

  • Rabbits are very social creatures that live in groups.

  • A rabbit's teeth never stop growing! 

  • Because their eyes are positioned on the sides of their heads, bunnies can see an almost perfect 360 degrees. In the wild, this helps them know when a predator is near. Their one blind spot is right in front of their noses! 

  • When a rabbit is feeling submissive he will make himself appear as small as possible by crouching down. 

Those are only a few of the amazing and wonderful facts about bunnies but they can give you more of an idea of what bunnies are like. An 8th grader named Brayden said “ I learned a lot about bunnies now I’m more interested in them”.

Autism Awareness Day 

By: Kadynce Whitehead


I don’t think a lot of people know about this mini holiday but I think it's very important. Autism awareness day is a very special day on April 2. On this day we celebrate kids and adults that have autism. Some people may not know what autism is but it’s when people have “Repetitive behaviors like hand-flapping, rocking, jumping, or twirling. Constant moving (pacing) and “hyper” behavior. Fixations on certain activities or objects. Specific routines or rituals (and getting upset when a routine is changed, even slightly) Extreme sensitivity to touch, light, and sound” then they have some type of autism. I feel like this is important because people with autism aren’t “ugly” or “stupid” they are beautiful inside and out. A lot of people don’t realize this. Most people think “oh your dumb you have autism” which is not true at all because some kids or adults with autism can be really smart. So even if someone you know or someone you see has autism you want to treat them like you would anybody body else. You never know what someone is going through so you never want to judge a book by it’s cover. I asked my friend Payton if she agrees with me and she answered “yes of course everything you said is pretty much what i would’ve said” I also asked Payton’s mom and she responded “It’s very important to be kind to anyone and everyone because sometimes just one act of kindness could change someone life” Make sure you’re nice to everyone because you never know how it can affect someone's life.

What Can WE do to Help?

By: Haily


    Every year on Earth Day people everywhere help out by cleaning, recycling, and much more. We do this to help all the animals in the ocean and forests healthy and happy. How can you help on Earth Day even though we are still in quarantine? What is the history of Earth Day? When was the first Earth Day celebrated?


    On April 22, Earth Day is celebrated to raise awareness of pollution. To fix this most people clean beaches, parks, and other places or just simply recycle all of their bottles and cans. The first Earth Day was in 1970. It was started by a man called Senator Gaylord Nelson after a huge oil spill in 1969. Senator Nelson passed away in 2005 but his name still lives on and President Bill Clinton awarded him for being the founder of Earth Day. 


    In 1990, Earth Day became a global thing with over 200 Million people from over 140 countries celebrating and helping clean up. The number of people helping in the act grew as the years went on. Even though Earth day became very popular, people took a poll and it shows that people are losing interest in environmentalism. Over 40% of people believe that climate change is exaggerated. “We don’t really do anything for Earth Day but maybe I should ask my parents if we could this year,” says Anonymous. 


    How can you help even though we are stuck in quarantine? Since we’ve been stuck in our houses we have so much time. If you want to you can always go to the gardening store closest to you and buy a tree and/or some seeds for you to garden in your backyard. Also if you have any bad fruits or vegetables or even banana peels, you can always compost them! The stuff that they make will help you grow your garden! If you can’t do this you could also donate. A year ago they started raising money to plant trees on  as well. Anonymous says,” We have a garden in our backyard and a little while ago we planted an orange tree. It’s still small but it’ll get bigger!” I hope this helped and you and you now have something to do while you’re stuck inside your house all day.

April Zodiacs!

By: Alaina Butler


    “Zodiac” is a word to describe the 12 animal constellations in the sky. According to astrologers, each one of them has a sign and name as well. Zodiacs are used to try to measure the impact of the planets on people's lives. This month’s Zodiacs are Aries and Taurus. Aries’ are born from March 20 to April 19. Aries are very competitive and ambitious. They are very reckless and go into everything guns blazing even if the situation is dangerous. Aries are very passionate and motivated as well as being a confident leader. Although, they often lead with “blind optimism” and get irritated or frustrated easily when given pointless details or unnecessary inconveniences. A student, who is an Aries states, “ This is very accurate considering I am competitive and go into situations head-first.”

    Taurus’ birthdays are from April 20 to May 20. Taurus’ are mostly known for their stubbornness, dependability, reliability, and persistence. Taurus’ usually are great employees and as they are also sometimes committed, due to their stubbornness. They make great friends and always there for you when you need them. Although, they are overprotective and possessive. Brandon Cole says, “I have a Taurus friend and they don’t usually act like a Taurus but they do always act stubborn.”

Easter Sunday

By: Bryce Jacobson


     As many of you know Easter will be taking place on Sunday, April 4th, 2021.  This is a pretty normal day for most people, but for Christians people, this is a very important holiday because this is the day Jesus rose from the dead. It is also known for the Easter Bunny and its amazing jelly beans. Here are some fun facts about Easter.  

Fact 1: The beliefs of the Easter bunny originated in Germany in the 1700s. 

Fact 2: The world's heaviest easter egg weighs in at 5,500 lb.  

Fact 3: Americans spend 1.5 billion dollars on Easter candy every year. 


 I asked some residents what they thought about Easter and this is what they said.  Nick Jacobson said, “I’m very excited for Easter because I’m able to see the family after all this covid craziness”.  Natalie Jacobson said, “I’m ready to celebrate Easter for all of the candy!” 

How People Expected Covid-19 to be V.S How it Has Been

                                                       By: Caydence Gourley


The first case of Covid-19 was confirmed on January 23, 2020. By March 16th a total of 243 cases had been confirmed. People had thought that Covid-19 was just something that would come and go but little did we know it has already been a year since Covid-19 started. Most kids had thought that it would just be a break and have two weeks of school off and then we would get to go back to school again and be able to see our friends. That sadly did not happen.. We had been told that we had to do online school. Which at the time, us kids had been happy about it because it was something new for us. Fast Forward to when we had to be on lockdown.. people had gone crazy with making sure that they bought toilet paper and all the necessities that everyone knew they would need. Most of the time if you went to the store there would be nothing and the whole school would be empty. There would be lines from people waiting to go inside of the store to get the necessities they needed. Also, there was only one person from your house to go out and get the things you needed. I asked my mom who was the person in our family that would go out and get the stuff and she responded with “I was, but it wasn't fun because there was such a long line”. Which to me at the time I would rather be able to go out somewhere and be in the long line then stay in the house all day and everyday. So fast forward again to how it is now. We have to wear masks if we go anywhere besides our house. In some places we are still allowed to eat inside of restaurants and go to some places. You don't necessarily have to be in quarantine but you still have to be very cautious about going places. This past year has been hard for everyone because there are adults losing jobs and kids who are struggling with not being able to understand their assignments or see their teachers and friends in person. I asked my cousin, Aiden what is most hard for him with having to do school online and he said “I live in a trailer home so I dont have wifi to use my computer” which I think is really hard for kids that dont have wifi. Anyways.. Hope hope you are wearing your mask and putting on hand sanitizer after you go somewhere and remember to stay safe.

Fun Facts About Easter Baskets

By: Lilliana Atkinson

Easter Baskets usually play a large part when it comes to Easter. Most people usually use them to put eggs in them for Easter egg hunts or when the Easter bunny comes by and fills kids’ baskets. Sometimes even just using them for decoration. My friend’s grandma Jill says, “as a child, finding my Easter basket involved a scavenger hunt. The clues were left in order to find treats and prizes. Even Easter baskets have a theme like my friend Paige said,  “my Easter basket is always centered around a theme. Last year, it was a Paris-themed basket. I also remember getting live chicks one year for Easter.”


Fact 1

The Easter basket tradition was brought to North America by German families in the 1700s. German families spread legends about a white Easter hare coming to houses at night dropping baskets with eggs, chocolates, candy, jelly beans, and other goodies on Easter morning.


Fact 2

 People would use caps or bonnets in place of Easter baskets. By morning they were filled with straw, colored eggs and candy was commonly tucked in the caps or bonnets as well. Sometimes Easter eggs represented fertility and rebirth during the springtime.


Fact 3

The most popular goodies found in baskets on Easter morning are chocolate bunnies. Then they are usually followed by jelly beans, cream-filled chocolate eggs, and Peeps. Other popular items usually include crayons and coloring books, small toys, and bubble gum.


In conclusion Easter is a really great holiday and has a lot of interesting things to do with it anyways. I hope you have fun learning about Easter baskets. So I wish you a Happy Easter!

New Season, What’s New?

By: Kade Andino


So we have a new season for the biggest cash grab, Cold War and the phycological game Warzone. In this article, we are going to cover this new season. We are also going to answer some questions.

    Let us look at the important question, did they nerf the Mac-10 and FFAR? Absolutely not, they didn’t do anything, at least when the M4A1 was overpowered in Warzone, they nerfed the parts that made it overpowered. Although not everything is bad, we now have two new weapons. If you played Bo2 or Bo4 and loved the Galil, it’s back with low recoil, decent iron sights, and almost perfect fire rate. We also have the LC-10, an SMG that has low recoil, good iron sights, and a perfect fire rate. We have a new operator who goes by the name Naga. We also have Outbreak challenges now where you play in a large area turning the undead dead. We are going to get a crossbow (yes another) and a 20mm sniper, The crossbow will work just like a crossbow (oh wow what a surprise), while the 20mm sniper is different, it has only 2 rounds, the first being a sticky grenade that can be activated by being shot or the second round being in a certain proximity, the second round, you probably guessed, is a detonation device for the first bullet. For Cold War, there is the Death Machine which will give its best tinnitus impression if you have headphones on while holding down the fire button.

    In Warzone, we don’t have much more, although I believe it is an important time as we have a new PoI (Point of Interest) The Shipwreck, zombies can be spawned and if enough of them are put 6 feet down you can obtain a yellow key card. The zombies are moving around the map and fortunately and unfortunately, Verdansk will be blown to pieces by a nuclear bomb and we will move over to Cold War maps due to the zombies overrunning Verdansk. 

    Things might not be bad though as the man with a history as clean as soap is coming back into the 141, Soap McTavish with the Skorpion Evo, Makarov, and Sig Sauer 338. 

     I asked my friends what they thought about the new season and Crotta (he wanted to use his nickname) said that “I like season 2 because there were zombies and a lot of easter eggs, hidden stuff, new gun, new charms, blueprints, and reticles and I like it because it got rid of the bunkers, well most of the bunkers.” My other friend, Wizard ( yes he wanted to use a nickname as well) said “The game has gotten more hard, the new PoI brings in around 15% of the players. Things are being changed randomly as well.”

     Soap better be closer than half a click to the shore by now, new people and weapons and more to come.

Latest Update On Fortnite

                                                     By:Aaliyah Montes


Are you a gamer and excited for the new update? I'm going to tell you what is new and what has changed. My cousin Pokey who I often play with said "She really likes the new update." I asked her if she played  the game the day the new update came out and she said "Yes she played for a couple hours with her crew." 


 Fortnite Ground Zero Crisis Finale event: date and schedule: Epic Games has confirmed that the Zero Crisis Finale was released on Tuesday March 16th 2021, just as Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 arrives. According to the company: "is a solo experience and you can play through it whenever you first login during the Season." It's the culmination of Agent Jonesy trying to save all of reality by preventing Fortnite characters from escaping the loop. Some things that changed were new maps, new weapons and animals were added. I played the day it was released and liked some of the new features even though some things were a little harder to play with at first.

Why do we have April fools by Emerson Direen?

    April fools day is celebrated on April 1 each year and is loved by many pranksters.

April fools day has been celebrated for several centuries by different cultures. All though we still don’t know what started the holiday. The traditions include playing jokes on each other and once your done you yell and say April fools. I remember when I was 5-6 years old I got pranked and did not know what was going on I hated it. But as I got older it was really fun to prank or mess with my friends and since it was April fools day we would all have a good laugh.

    April fools day dates back to 1582 when France switched from the Julian calendar to the gregorian calendar, as called for by the council of Trent 1563. In the Julian calendar, as in the Hindu calendar, the new year began with the spring equinox around April 1. People who were slow to get the news or failed to recognize that the start of the new year has been moved to January 1 and continued to celebrate it during the last week of March. These people became the butt of jokes and pranks and were called ¨April fools.¨ These pranks included having paper fish placed on their backs and being referred to as ¨poisson d´avril¨ (April fish), said to symbolize a young, easily caught fish and gullible person.

CoronaVirus One Year Update: By Kelvin Parham

December 2019

There were reports of a cluster of cases of pneumonia in Wuhan, Hubei Province. A novel coronavirus was eventually identified, we weren’t ready for this life-changing pandemic, 

January 2020

There were a total of 7818 confirmed cases worldwide, with the majority of these in China, and 82 cases reported in 18 countries outside China. WHO/ World Health Organization published the first Disease Outbreak News on this new virus, many people couldn’t adjust to this new way of living. China publicly shared the genetic sequence of COVID-19. WHO wanted to meet China’s leader, learn more about China’s response.

February 2020

WHO wanted to partner/join with experts like “Canada, Germany, Japan, Nigeria, Republic of Korea, Russia, Singapore and the US” they spoke with health officials, scientists, and health workers in health facilities.

March 2020People were starting to get sick, rapidly fast and the health committee didn’t know what to do. This is when everything started happening, schools were closing down. I asked some people like my friends and family how they think about the one-year CoronaVirus update. My mom said that 


“it’s been a year since this coronavirus thing even started?!, I am surprised that we haven’t had a fix to the coronavirus, but we have vaccines. My dad said that” I just wanna get out of this pandemic, don’t get me wrong staying in the house is kinda cool but it’s been a year we need to step it up”

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